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Trade Show Shipping Cases

Trade show exhibitors have to transport a lot of bulky display materials around the country. Choosing the right trade show shipping cases can make that job a good deal easier. You put a lot of time, money and thought into your display, so it’s well worth it to make sure it arrives safely.

Trade Show Shipping Cases for Graphics

Trade show shipping cases for the graphics that are essential to make your display eye-catching come in two basic forms, flat and cylindrical. Flat cases, for mounted graphics, are large but shallow and relatively light in weight. Be sure to choose one that is rigid and strong enough to withstand rough handling without crushing the corners.

Cylindrical cases are appropriate for laminated graphics, blueprints, or any material that can be rolled. These are usually made of rotationally molded plastic for crush proof strength without too much weight. A lot of effort went into designing your graphics, and professional appearance is a must at trade shows, so don’t take chances with cardboard tubes. LF logistics

You will also need trade show shipping cases for your booth panels, electronics, samples, literature and racks, accessories and incidentals. When choosing a case, take into consideration the weight, size and fragility of the object being shipped. Computer monitors and plasma screens, for example, need extremely strong cases with lots of padding. Issues of bulk and weight have to be balanced against ease of maneuverability and quick, efficient setup and teardown. Choose your shipping cases wisely, and your trade show personnel will thank you.