2D Animation Video Has Many Benefits

3D animation is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. Major motion picture studios around the globe use 3D animation to create realistic images that make the viewer feel like they are part the animated world. Despite all the benefits and popularity of 3D animations, traditional animation in the form of 2D animation is still a key part of the animation world.


2D animation has the advantage of being extremely efficient. Animation is by its very nature, not an easy process. Animation is an art form that requires creativity and skill to create objects, characters and worlds that appeal and convey messages and stories. The many styles and techniques that have been developed over the past century offer a wide range of tools for animators. While 2D animation requires the same skill set as 3D animation, 2D animation is usually faster to create because it does not require a third dimension. 2D animation companies do not have to produce lifelike images in the same way as 3D animators. For example, their cityscapes do not need to have buildings that look like real buildings. For those who require a project to be completed quickly, this design is a great option.




Another benefit of 2D animation over 3D animation is its ability to create simpler designs. The project will determine how beneficial a simpler design can be. 3D animation is often used to create action films. This is because of the intricate action and the complex images that they use to draw viewers in. A 2D animation studio is usually preferred when the design must emphasize the message. A clean design can be more effective for advertising because it conveys the message more clearly to the viewers. To appeal to their audience, certain games like Candy Crush rely on a simpler design. South Park and other television shows have been successful because of their 2D animated designs. Even educational videos and explainer videos need a design that does not distract viewers from the message being conveyed.

Cost effectiveness

2D animation is more cost-effective because of its simplicity and efficiency. This boon for people who desire the benefits of animation, but cannot afford the sometimes high price tag of 3D animation. This type of animation is simpler and takes less time, which can translate into lower costs. Many projects use 2D animation, at least partially because it is cheaper for small budgets and smaller companies. 2D animation providers should be able work with you to meet your creative and financial needs.

Artistic freedom

There are many creative options for animation. 3D animation should always look real and lifelike, regardless of the scene, objects or people being depicted. The 3D screen cannot display anything that is too exaggerated or fanciful. It is also difficult to create anime styles using 3D tools.