recycling and disposal


To do remarketing it is necessary to track the data relating to the user and his navigation and use them as statistical data to redirect him back to the site with the aim of optimizing the conversion. The tracking can take place through pixels, through cookies and through a code string and all three cases correspond to the subsequent publication of highly personalized online advertisements based on the interests and pages visited by the user it equipment recycling and disposal.

A study by Across detects activity as to allow a well-made remarketing can to increase up to + 40% in the space of a month the visits to their website and + 150% of the conversion rate . Just as there are different types of codes, there are also different types of pixels. In some cases they collect generic data, such as geographical position, presence on a specific landing page or navigation time; in others they read more specific data that further profile the user, always in full compliance with the privacy legislation.


To activate an effective remarketing strategy there are some elements to pay close attention to, as well as some mistakes not to be made in order not to compromise its validity.

Pay attention to the content

When creating a remarketing campaign it is important to pay attention to the form and content. They are the tool to convince the user to take an action that he had already decided to give up previously. Both the textual and the graphic part of an ad must speak clearly to the target , attract the consumer’s attention and entice him to complete the action, for example by emphasizing the benefits that could derive from the completion of the action.